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Hexakomb SchoolGenius is a school information system built and supported in Rwanda by HEXAKOMB with careful attention to local context and needs. The needs of key stakeholders, students, teachers, parents, admin staff, and principles are addressed holistically to provide the best education delivery. The system is designed to encourage a process based on best practices for efficient school management.

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Hexakomb SchoolGenius Core features


Once a student meets the necessary requirements they can be registered as a student and assigned to a specific class. Easily assign students into class, Easily assign students into section.

Curriculum Management

Manage all curriculum subjects and easily divide them into smaller sections and assign teachers.Manage subjects, courses, and sections, Track course hours by teacher and students


Allow teachers to record results of student’s assignments, tests and exams, Homework, Quizzes, and Test, Final Examination Results, Automatic Calculation of results and positioning

Billing Management

Easily manage record keeping of school fees as wells other items.Track School fees, Track Payments to Bank Accounts, Track late payments and notify parents.


Student shop to allow students to purchase items such as uniforms, meals, transport, insurance, etc.

SMS Communication

Rapid access to phone numbers so that SMS can quickly be sent to parents/guardians, Send from the system an SMS to one parent,