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HEXAKOMB Ltd. is a software & IT consulting company based in Rwanda. We develop innovative web and mobile software applications.

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We are more than just IT solutions - At HEXAKOMB we work with organizations to understand their strategy, business, and operations, then partner with them to drive the information technology necessary to achieving their objectives. Think of us as a hybrid of a management consulting firm and a software company. We believe in a holistic approach to tackling an organization’s challenges and opportunities with an emphasis on efficiency and maximizing the use of information technology.

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The name and logo design for Hexakomb is inspired by nature. The honeycomb is the core of a bee hive, a perfect geometric structure that is incredibly strong and extremely efficient. Out of all the geometric shapes available (squares, circles, triangles, etc) bees ingeniously selected the hexagon as their building block. Scientist have studied this selection and have concluded that bees chose this structure because it provided the most strength for their honeycomb while utilizing the least amount of resources (time and materials such as wax). Bees have perfected this structure which is a result of teamwork, discipline, innovation, and operational excellence that is second to none. These are the same guiding principles we at Hexakomb live by to provide the best products and solutions for clients.